Corfu Activities

Activities in Corfu

Welcome to Bella Vista’s recommendations page of the best activities for travelers in Corfu! Below, you’ll find information regarding an array of activities, including snorkeling, water sports, hiking, golf, tennis, and various boat trips around the island. Some  excursions may be booked directly with the reception at Hotel Bella Vista and Studios–just ask us for advice! Come see a lovely staff member for further help with maps and details regarding any of the following attractions!

Corfu offers so much to those who travel here. There are activities for people of all ages, and attractions for every interest. Visitors to Corfu are often lovers of natural beauty. The island is adorned with sprawling green forests that blanket the mountains that often draw in the outdoorsy type. Marked hiking trails give visitors the opportunity to experience these lush green areas and reconnect with nature. Nearby, agencies that provide rental cars and motorcycles offer total freedom to explore the many villages and monasteries located inland.

The surrounding, calm waters of the Ionian Sea are equally attractive to those who love to swim and explore the many facets of sea life. Underwater, guests can gaze for hours at the abundance of rich marine life that exists in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

There are many options for travelers that seek evening entertainment, both in Benitses  and in Corfu. A traditional “Greek Night” generally consists of a 3-course meal accompanied by wine, and is complete with traditional Greek music and dance! For a reasonable price–starting at about 18 euro per person–travelers can reserve a place at many of the local tavernas that offer this service. With help with reservations, visitors can speak to our lovely staff members at reception!

Bella Vista Hotel & Studios makes an active effort to keep our guests informed of activities and events that occur in Benitses and the rest of Corfu. We love our island and it’s one of our highest priorities to share with you the place we love the most!


The crystal-clear waters that surround Corfu are alluring to travelers that appreciate marine life. Both beginners and experienced divers alike come from across the globe to enjoy the rich, colorful Mediterranean sea life found here, in Corfu.

Businesses that distribute snorkelling and scuba diving equipment are scattered across the island along the coast. Some even offer lessons! The excellent instructors at the Achilleon Diving Center are highly recommended by Bella Vista Hotel & Studios. For more information, contact our friendly reception staff!


Aqualand, located in the middle of Corfu, is widely regarded as one of the best waterparks in Europe. With more than 36 different water slides, 15 adventure pools, a jacuzzi and more, it’s no wonder that so many believe it to be the best waterpark in the Mediterranean.

The park is divided into three sections: the children’s area (ages 4-8), the family area (ages 8+), and the extreme area (ages 12+). Aqualand is open from May until mid-October, and hours vary. Please visit reception for more details and for directions to the park!

Wind surfing & kitesurfing

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are quickly becoming two of the most popular activities here in Corfu. Our adventurous guests can partake in both windsurfing and kitesurfing throughout the summer months.

While the Ionian Sea does not have the same constant winds that the Aegean Sea is so famous for, it does have a consistent wind pattern. 7-10 days of calm are generally followed by 2-4 periods of strong winds. It’s important for our guests to keep this in mind when planning trips concerning water sports.

Please contact Bella Vista’s reception for information regarding these wind patterns, the best places to rent equipment, and directions to various beaches!

Water Activities

Boat Trips & Sailing


Excursions from Corfu are incredibly popular. Some of the most-frequented destinations include the Blue Lagoon, the Ionian Islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos, and various mainland destinations like Syvota beach, and Albania.

Corfu’s harbors have been the first step in many journeys over the years, and they continue to do so! Naturally, due to Corfu’s central location, there are a large number of private boat companies that offer tours and charters.

Boats typically depart from Benitses, Lefkimi, or the port of Corfu. Wherever you’re headed, expect a beautiful Mediterranean experience: beaches untouched by modernity, sprawling cerulean waters, and towering cliffs that line the sparkling coast.

Underwater Cruise

Corfu Sea Discovery was established in 2008 and is the most unique way to view Corfu’s underwater world. Through a submarine’s 22 wide, spanning windows, visitors gawp at the vibrant sea life present in underwater caves. This boat trip lasts 50 minutes and the submarine reaches a depth of up to 30 meters.

Guided by a scuba diver outside the submarine that will point out many different aquatic species, visitors view jellyfish, sea urchins, and starfish up close! This trip allows for excellent photographs, and is entertaining for guests of all ages. A knowledgeable tour guide adds supplementary information to the tour regarding the area’s marine life and history.

It’s a wonderful way to view the magical underwater nightlife of Corfu, and it’s an opportunity that should absolutely be seized! Please ask for more information at our reception desk!

Calypso Star Boat Trips

Calypso Star is a boat designed specifically for underwater cruises. This boat, 18 meters in length easily accommodates 50 passengers and features a glass bottom that grants guests an incredible view of the endlessly fascinating ocean floor. Interactive divers accompany Calypso Star and entice sea life to come close to the boat for guests viewing!

In addition, guests are treated to a special show featuring sea lions and their trainers. The sea lions perform tricks, flips, and dives that are sure to wow any guest! For more information please contact the staff at Hotel Bella Vista reception.

Corfu Sailing

A number of private sailing companies located in Corfu offer courses on the Ionian Sea. A professional, certified crew provides training for day skippers, coastal skippers, and yacht masters.

Pickups are generally organized at the recently constructed yacht marina in Benitses. These lessons are highly coveted and spots fill up quickly, so please speak with Bella Vista’s reception staff in advance!

Day Trips

Day trips from Corfu Island to one of many nearby destinations are incredibly popular among Bella Vista’s guests. These trips give guests the chance to experience the stunning islands surrounding Corfu—or even the chance to travel to Albania for the day! The following are the most frequently booked excursions. For more detailed information, or help with reservations, please contact the reception desk!



Paxos & Antipaxos Trip

To spend time in Corfu and to miss these two incredible islands would be an absolute pity! We highly recommend sightseeing in Paxos and Antipaxos. Read below for more details!



Legend has it that Paxos was formed when Poseidon severed the south tip of Corfu island with one mighty blow of his trident; he later dragged it south in order to create an idyllic retreat for his beloved wife, Amphitriti. This island is absolutely enchanting.

It’s famous for its selection of wines, but its heavenly white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are impossible to overlook.


Antipaxos is located 1.5 miles away from its larger sister island, Paxos. Only 5 kilometers long, Antipaxos is a small, green island swathed in olive trees and vineyards.

Antipaxos is home to some of the most dazzling beaches in the Ionian Sea: one is even referred to as the “beach of paradise” by the locals.

Albania Day Trip:

This one day trip to Albania departs from Corfu town at 9:00 and returns at 18:00. A valid passport is needed for entry to the country, and ticket prices are usually set around 50 euro for a round-trip, with an additional 10 euro entry fee. The cruise docks in the port of Saranda, Albania and includes a guided tour of the historic city. Guests are delighted to experience the culture of Albania, and find the many heritage sites spectacular. For further information regarding Albania, kindly contact the staff of Bella Vista Hotel.

Land Based Activities

We hope that this page has provided valuable information concerning Corfu and the many activities the island has to offer guests. From hiking to museums, golf to water parks, paragliding to boat trips—Corfu has something for everybody!