About Us

Looking for a different way to spend your holidays?

Bella Vista Hotel is an unforgettable “experience” which will not easily leave your side!

The hotel offers its guests a unique chance to feel part of a big family, in a home away from home, surrounded by a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The surroundings simply do the rest: from the astonishing cobalt blue sea, to the richness in taste and variety of the Corfiot culture and cuisine, guests are sure to leave Corfu with a lasting impression and heart-warming memories of their stay here at Bella Vista Hotel.

A brief history

How it all began

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, around 1975, a local couple, John and Frida Poulis, used to spend time in the garden of their summer beach house in Benitses. All around them, the village started filling up with tourists from all around the world. They couldn’t help but notice the business opportunities of the tourism and hospitality industry Corfu offered those days. That’s when they decided it was time to tune up their garden and convert it into a hotel: the construction was completed in the early 1980’s. Riding the wave of the sudden tourism industry growth, Bella Vista was first managed by John and Frida, together with their eldest son George and with the assistance of the rest of the family. When it was time for John and Frida to retire, the hotel was rented out and operated by a local business.

Our Team

Reception & Staff

Welcome to your family away from home

From the moment you arrive at Bella Vista Hotel in Corfu you will be welcomed by our dynamic, international staff. The team members are typically extended family members and friends, as well as young interns from all over the world. Professionally trained within the tourism and hospitality management industry, Bella Vista Hotel staff members will provide our customers with the best possible service, in many different languages, making it easier for our guests to fully and comfortably express their requests. During your whole stay you will be assisted with information and arrangements, and we will always make sure our guests can get the chance to experience our hotel as a home away from home.

Anthea and Christina

All in the family

Anthea is one of the children of John and Frida, and is currently managing the hotel. After an escalating academic career, graduation from Patras University in Greece, MSc from the University of Surrey as well as an MBA degree from Oxford University in England, Anthea’s credentials and passion for the tourism field led her to jump into the hospitality industry in England, where she worked as a hotel manager and a hotel management consultant for 14 years. In 2003, she decided to return to her home town in Corfu in order to manage the family-owned property of Bella Vista Hotel and reconnect with her roots.

Christina is one of the granddaughters of the family and since the earliest years of her life she had been spending time around the hotel and taking part in the structure’s history and growth. Her childhood memories are thus fondly tied to the hotel. From this, Christina developed a deep sense of attachment and emotion towards Bella Vista. Upon completion of her studies in Hotel Management, Christina came to join her aunt Anthea in the family business, and to learn firsthand about international hospitality and management giving her own personal contribution to the business.


Cleanliness and comfort first

A clean, tidy and well-kept hotel is one of our main priorities everyday. Our housekeepers put all their efforts to ensure our customers a satisfactory service and are always ready to help them. They are also the key players of Bella Vista Hotel homemade traditional breakfast: they prepare a wide variety of national specialties – following authentic Greek recipes – with love, passion and attention to detail, in order to treat our guests with fresh, tasty, authentic flavors to make their day start in the best possible way.

Arts & Design

Looks matter

During your stay in Bella Vista Hotel in Corfu you will certainly notice the colorful art murals decorating the walls around our breakfast area and our rooms. Guest artists and art students have given their creative contribution to the hotel throughout the years, which creates a unique, rich and vivid atmosphere, which we believe is hard to find elsewhere.

Ethical Standards

Ethical business and sustainable tourism are two of the milestones Bella Vista Hotel and Studios base its business on. Our staff strives to work respecting at the same time the local community of Benitses and its needs as well as the wellbeing of our guests. A balance between the two sides makes the whole experience even more valuable: tourists gain awareness and understanding towards the local culture and its social and environmental issues, building up, at the same time, more meaningful connections with the people around, reducing the strong social and economical impacts to the minimum.