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Wedding in Corfu


our dream Corfu wedding

Weddings in Corfu are becoming increasingly popular for foreigners. Not only does the island have a long association with love — all the way back to Homer’s Odyssey — but the beautiful island of Corfu is now well established as the go-to site for a destination wedding.

People come to Corfu island (the best of the Ionian islands) for a romantic getaway, so why not take it a step further? When planning your Greek wedding day, or even wedding week, Corfu should be at the top of your list of Greek islands.

Your Corfu wedding will have it all: crystal clear turquoise waters, the silky sand of the western coast, deep orange sunsets or rippling pink sunrises, cosy and traditional Greek churches in the lush highlands, olive trees, ancient history, sea views and everything else you need to make your Corfu wedding the best day of your life.

And of course, where better to stay than Bella Vista? Our hotel is ideally situated in the centre of the island, the perfect place to accommodate guests for all wedding venues. There are many traditional Greek tavernas nearby with a warm and hospitable family environment, perfect for a great meal on your magical day.

We can help make your life easier by organising large group accommodation (including a home-made buffet breakfast), as well as helping direct you to the best wedding planners to make your wedding ceremony just as you envisioned it.

In Benitses, you have the best of both worlds. Want to relax on the beach and get a nice sun tan so you look great for the wedding reception photos? No problem. Prefer to go on an adventure, hiking and exploring the many trails in the surrounding tree-laden hills? The footpath is mere metres from the hotel…

We commit to assisting you with your destination wedding in Corfu in every way that we possibly can. We hope you can make your dream Corfu wedding a reality, and we hope to see you on our beautiful island soon!

In the meantime, check out some destination wedding inspiration!

he best Corfu wedding venues near Benitses

Whether you want wonderful views, great history, or an amazing party with your guests and loved ones, you can have it all in Corfu. Using Benitses as a base, here are some excellent locations for weddings in Corfu, Greece.

Benitses Marina

Located just 500m from Bella Vista, Benitses Marina will have you feeling like you’re on the set of Mamma Mia! A wedding in Corfu wouldn’t be complete without a sea view, and Benitses Marina puts you right on the sea front. It’s a romantic place in its own right, but being so close to the warm and friendly tavernas of Benitses, this wedding venue is one of the best.

We can put you in touch with a wedding planner that can make this happen! Arranging a wedding ceremony in Benitses town is not as difficult as on other Greek islands — another reason why our destination weddings are the best.

Achilleion Palace

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Achilleion Palace was Princess Sisi’s place of residence. It’s located just 3km north of Benitses so you, too, can feel like a princess on your special day.

This fascinating palace is perfect for a wedding ceremony with style. Rooms at Bella Vista will put you within walking distance of the Achilleon Palace — though we don’t expect or advise you to walk there on your big day!

Inside the Achilleion Palace, you can find stunning statues, mesmerising artwork, beautiful gardens and breathtaking views over the sea. It’s a great spot for a wedding in Corfu for all history lovers.

Mouse Island

Could you picture a more scenic place for your destination wedding?

Mouse Island is Corfu’s trademark. Located several kilometres north of Benitses, you can go there by boat in around 15 minutes. Feel the sea breeze on the way to your wedding reception and get the best wedding photos ever!

Every second you’re there will feel like a movie. Soak it in!

Vlacherna Monastery

Right next to Mouse Island is Vlacherna Monastery, an authentic monastery that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Built in the 17th century, this cute little monastery on its solitary island has become emblematic of Corfu.

Situated just south of Corfu airport, it’s a great spot to watch the planes go overhead.

The White House of the Durrells

Made famous by the Durrell family, this house can be used to host a wedding ceremony. If you’re a big fan of the Durrells, we can put you in touch with wedding planning services to live out your dream wedding here.

Ypapanti Chapel

A hot spot for wedding planners in Corfu, Greece, Ypapanti Chapel is a traditional little church that will suit any bride and groom looking for a postcard picturesque wedding spot. You can find this gorgeous chapel on the Kommeno peninsula, a beautiful area in its own right.

Villa Annemoyani

If you’re looking for the ideal Corfu wedding villa, this might be it! Used as a stand-in for the home of the Durrells on TV, this beautiful villa is one of the most stylish places in Corfu island. It’s been used as the setting for a Corfu wedding many a time, and with the right wedding planner, it could be yours too!

Mon Repos Palace

Another great Corfiot palace, this one was the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. It’s close to Corfu Town and has a great view over the Ionian Sea.

Glyfada Beach

Beach weddings in Corfu are becoming increasingly commonplace in recent years. There are several excellent beaches in Corfu that have such a majestic backdrop that you can’t help but feel enamoured when you’re there — Glyfada beach is one of those places.

Make your wedding in Corfu even more special by having your special day on the beach. Go for a dip in the soothing waters after saying “I do,” and transition straight into your honeymoon!

edding in Corfu Town

There is no shortage of places to get married in Corfu Town. If you want great history and authentic culture, Corfu Town is the place to be.

You can get married in the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right. This is the picturesque wedding venue that dreams are made of. While there, you can visit the old fortress, the new fortress, and the narrow cobbled streets of the old town proper. Destination weddings here are quite popular as it’s the arrival point for most entries into Corfu.

In Corfu Town, you can be sure to get the best wedding cake in all of Corfu too! There’s plenty of luxury accommodation around if you’re looking for the perfect private balcony with a sea view, but if you’re looking for something a little more on budget, we have rooms available for wedding guests and we’re only a short drive from Corfu Town.

The old town hall is also an option. One of the most imposing buildings in all of Corfu Town, it’s a perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding.

The Cathedral of Saint Jacob and Saint Christopher is the duomo in Mayor’s Square in the old town of Corfu. This is the type of church that probably inspired you to think of Greece for your wedding in the first place.

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is another traditional little church that is quite unique. It doesn’t belong to any ecclesiastical body, rather it’s owned by the Anglican community of Corfu.

The Ionian Parliament building is another option for your Corfu wedding day. It’s located next to the town hall and near the Anglican church too. That puts it right in the heart of Corfu Town.

etting married in Greece from UK

If you’ve watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding one too many times, you might have unearthed a desire that you’d previously considered to be impossible. You want to get married in Greece.

Well let me stop you right there. It is possible, and in fact, of all the places to get married in Greece, Corfu is the best. Contact us for special rates on group bookings and we will help you make your wedding experience unforgettable.

inding a wedding planner in Corfu

There are a number of excellent wedding planners offering bespoke and professional wedding packages in Corfu. Proper wedding planning would be a massive weight off your shoulders as they would organise everything for your wedding day in a calm and professional manner. They know Greece and they know Corfu — don’t add extra stress to your big day by trying to arrange every individual thing yourself.

There’s a wide range of wedding planners to choose from, including native Corfiots as well as British expats. Ultimately, it all depends on how you feel with each one and the budget you’ve set yourself. You can find more information about Corfu wedding packages on social media, as well as an indication of services and expectations.

Other Events In Corfu

Corfu isn’t just for weddings! We routinely receive guests for :

Civil Ceremonies – A civil ceremony is a non-religious, legal marriage ceremony presided over by a government official.

Symbolic Ceremonies – Symbolic ceremonies are more flexible. They are able to express the couple’s personalities, tastes and their unique values within their relationship. The couple can even choose what the officiant says.

Vow Renewals – A vow renewal is a celebratory ceremony for married couples who want to reaffirm their commitment to each other. They are particularly popular on milestone anniversaries, but there is no hard and fast rule as to when to have one.