” 5 Star Service “

08 May, 2020

Written by: alexandros
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This time it’s me writing, it’s the writer writing.   This is the last task that was assigned to me: write a story about your experience here at Bella Vista. It may seem easy to write about yourself instead of writing other people’s stories, but…

Staying afloat – A message from Anthea Bella Stories 09 Apr, 2020

I was asked the other day by a friend, an ex-intern, “How are you, and how’s Bella Vista doing during this crisis?” I still haven’t answered as I am trying to gather my feelings.  “ How am I ?” I’m afraid to answer—how can I…

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2015 started with many promising advanced bookings. The hotel was finally at its best; we had managed to establish a good reputation throughout the years, the rooms were renewed, properly equipped and decorated more than what is expected from a two star hotel and our…