Internships in Corfu

Work Practice in Greece

Bella Vista Hotel and Studios in Corfu island welcomes students to apply for the international internship training program offered through the hotel.

Bella Vista accepts students from international hospitality and/or management programs to join our team here in Corfu, Greece. Our hotel is a small operation, and has a well-known reputation on the island for hospitality, innovative management, and marketing campaigns.

Internships at Hotel Bella Vista typically last from three months to one year depending on the position of the student at the hotel. In addition to hospitality and management internships, arts & design, photography, social media, IT, and Marketing internship positions are also offered.

Working at Bella Vista Hotel in Corfu

The internship placement program through Bella Vista Hotel provides students with practical experience and exposure to the workings of a small enterprise in the hotel industry. Through this work practice, students have the chance to gain hands-on experience in hospitality, management, tourism and entrepreneurship.

This work placement provides a unique experience to students because of the size of the hotel wherein interns have the chance to lead projects, implement ideas firsthand, and work closely with management on new initiatives within the hotel.

The aim of the internship practice is to provide students with multi-faceted work experience. In addition to the practical training, students have the opportunity to live next to the beach in Corfu, and take advantage of all the beauty the island has to offer. Throughout the internship, students will meet other international interns, and is a great way make new friends and connections. The emphasis of the placement is on hotel management and entrepreneurship, and to provide knowledge to students in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ioannis Poulis SA is a family owned company, who manages properties in Benitses village in Corfu Greece. The concept of the company is based on providing excellent value for the price, creating a warm atmosphere, delivering a high quality of service to guests, and working relationships based on honesty and trust.

Benefits interns receive through the work placement

  • Free shared accommodation is provided by the hotel
  • Breakfast included (during the months of June – September)
  • Excellent opportunity to gain practical, hands-on work experience
  • The chance to live next to the beach in Corfu and build an international network

Duration : Between 3-12 months depending on the hotel’s needs at the time of application

Internship requirements

  • The internship is primarily geared towards hospitality, management, and marketing students but other majors such as arts & design, photography, social media or computing are welcomed
  • Over the age of 18 years
  • A relevant educational background in hospitality, management or marketing
  • Possess good language skills
  • Have an open and flexible attitude, and are enthusiastic about learning

To apply for the hotel internship work placement programme send a covering letter along with your curriculum vitae at: