Everything happens for a reason

28 May, 2017

Bella Stories Written by: Alexandra Di Gregorio

I want to take you for a walk through the streets of Benitses. Some of these streets are tiny and silent, others are wide and flooded with tourists in restaurants and pubs. There are also the deserted ones, which rarely see somebody walking along them. But still there will be always someone who loves them and takes care of them.

As in everybody’s life, there are the roads we take and those we don’t, but for sure we are all going somewhere, even if sometimes we feel like not going anywhere.

You and me, we are about to go on a journey through roads filled with stories, many stories of the lives that crossed these streets of Benitses.

On our journey we will meet similarities and differences, coincidences, or rather coincidences that were meant to be. We’re gonna walk through youth, growth and adulthood and at some point we’re gonna stop, because it will be necessary to have a break and take a deep breath. We’re gonna go through struggle and success, through happiness and disappointment. We will meet love and loss, crossroads and choices. We will experience sun and rain, the light blue of the crystalline water on the shore and the intense blue of the deep sea. And what about the green? The dark green of the mountains, the shiny and sparkling green of the buds that reminds you that everything can turn on a dime, that while one flower is withering another is ready to flourish.

It is up to you how you decide to look at the things that happen to you. Stand still, close your eyes, breathe in the fresh and salty air of Corfu Island and believe me when I say that everything happens for a reason.

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About The Writer
Alexandra Di Gregorio
Alexandra Di Gregorio
Pen Name: Fille Du Vent

Alexandra Di Gregorio ( Fille Du Vent ) is a young and still developing writer. She likes to explore different literary genres and styles, such as poetry, short stories and stream of consciousness. Alexandra aspires to become a travel writer collecting and writing the stories of the people she meets on her journeys around the world.

This time Alexandra worked as a biographer, writing short stories revolving around momentous events in the life of Anthea and of the Bella Vista Hotel.

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