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Teodora Dimitrova

03 Jul, 2020

Written by: Anthea Pouli

Teodora is a self-taught artist from Bulgaria. She has always believed her mission/purpose is to bring beauty to this world through her art. Her greatest inspiration is nature and all the shapes and colors created by the divine magic. In her work she aims to capture feelings, emotions, the beauty in a fraction of a moment that will take the viewer on a journey back in their inmost tender memories. Her dreamy paintings radiate light and joy.


Teodora aspires to create art in an aesthetically pleasing way that inspire and make others dream. She hopes that the positive energy that flows through her art will reach and enrich more creative souls.

About The Writer
A message from Anthea Pouli during the pandemic
Anthea Pouli
Pen Name: Anthea

Anthea is the owner and manages Bella Vista hotel and studios. After an academic and professional career in UK she returned to her birth place of Corfu island where took control of the family-owned business of Bella Vista Hotel in Benitses village.

Bella Vista hotel and studios are consistently featured amongst the highest guest satisfaction scores hotels in Corfu on many online platforms.

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